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2014 Commission Chart by faster-by-choice

I only take commissions with PayPal! I do not do point commissions except on rare occasions.

Please note also that while I don't usually get very many commissions at a time that it might take me awhile to finish each one because I go in order of the commissions received in my queue, I have a busy work schedule and sometimes I just plain don't feel like drawing, so please do not rush me! I always get my commissions done no matter how long it takes. You can always email me for updates if need be.

I've got some extra money! Which of these three Super Mario games should I order with it? 

16 deviants said Luigi's Mansion
14 deviants said Super Mario 64
12 deviants said Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door



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:bulletblue: I do not take requests unless they are from FRIENDS or are for other special circumstances.

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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 6:22 PM
  • Mood: Happy
  • Watching: Cartoon Network
  • Playing: Super Mario games
  • Eating: Chinese food
  • Drinking: Tea
Do you guys remember that poll I put up about which Super Mario game I would buy next???

The top voted was Luigi's Mansion
But I ended up ordering Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door instead from Amazon

I went to the mall and actually did end up buying Luigi's Mansion because I can't find that game anywhere to save my life. It's so rare, and its original price was $35 but I got it for $15!! Well, after I traded in two games for store credit and the guy gave me a discount because I couldn't find it anywhere else, hehe

I also bought Mario & Luigi: Dream Team at the GameStop across the street. I wanted an SMB game to play on the go and I'M SO HAPPY I PICKED THIS ONE because it's really fun and the graphics are gorgeous and all the characters are really cute omg

But video games
I sold my soul to them
And Nintendo is getting waaaaaaay too much of my money

BUT IT'S OKAY. Keeps me in the Super Mario mood... can't go wrong with plumbers... (or Pokemon... or Smash Bros....)

Now the issue is which games to play first because now I have four Super Mario games to finish, in addition to the three I mentioned above, and Super Mario Galaxy

But yeah
I love Nintendo. I love video games
I think after I graduate from college
I might try to go animate some things in video games. I feel like it would be a good prospect :3 Plus I hear the game industry is really booming~!
I mean, I like cartoons a lot but

*heavy breathing*




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm Tuesday :meow:

I'm a beginning artist who's really into cartoons~ I'm a furry, I love cute and kawaii things, and my dream is to become an animator and a fairy princess. :giggle:

I really love Pokemon, MLP, Sonic the Hedgehog, and some other things, but my current obsession is Super Mario Bros.:heart:

Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite :3 Nowadays I'm more active on Tumblr but I do check deviantART every day so you can still easily get in touch with me.

I hope you enjoy your visit with me :)

TUMBLR: (The URL on some of my pictures is different than the one here, but it's still the same blog)


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